NY Times under fire for Elizabeth Holmes profile painting her as a "devoted mother" while ignoring her fraud charges

The article was written by Amy Chozick, a former writer at large for the publication

The profile opened with a flowery description of Holmes at the San Diego Zoo caring for her newborn

Twitter users criticized the author for being charmed by Holmes and not addressing her fraudulent activities

The article documented several ocean-side meetings between Holmes and Chozick

Joyce Carol Oates, a writer, compared the article to a hypothetical piece on Bernie Madoff

Reporter who covered Theranos trial criticizes NY Times' Holmes profile's last line claiming "impossible not to believe her

Critics pointed out that Holmes' fraudulent activities could have endangered people's health

Some Twitter users compared the sympathetic portrayal of Holmes to how shoplifters and scammers are seen as scum

The New York Times did not immediately respond to requests for comment