Stylish Speedway Mini 4 Pro Electric Scooter Review 2023

By | May 23, 2023

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric scooter presents an optimal solution for streamlining your everyday travel. This sophisticated vehicle possesses an abundance of formidable energy, while its sleek and captivating design ensures that you leave a lasting impression while in motion. Thanks to its convenient collapsible attribute, you can effortlessly store and transport the Speedway Mini4 Pro scooter without any inconvenience.

Whether you seek an exhilarating method of traversing the city or yearn to simplify your daily journey, the Speedway 4 stands as the ultimate selection.

Specifications of Speedway Mini 4 Pro

Motor500W brushless DC motor
Top Speed Up to 28 mph (45 km/h)
Range Approximately 30 miles (48 km)
Battery48V 16Ah lithium-ion battery
Charging Time5-6 hours (from empty)
Maximum Load Capacity265 lbs (120 kg)
Brakes Dual front and rear disc brakes
SuspensionFront and rear suspension system
TiresSolid rubber tires
LightingFront LED headlight and rear brake light
Folding MechanismQuick and easy folding
DisplayLCD display
Additional FeaturesBluetooth connectivity (optional)
Dimensions (Unfolded)40.2″ x 19.3″ x 43.7″ (102 cm x 49 cm x 111 cm)
Dimensions (Folded)40.2″ x 19.3″ x 19.3″ (102 cm x 49 cm x 49 cm)
Weight44 lbs (20 kg)
WarrantyCheck with the manufacturer for details

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The Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric scooter is a great option if you’re looking for a convenient and fashionable method to go around on a regular basis. Rightfully so, this amazing electric scooter has drawn a lot of attention. With a top speed of 55 km/h and a range of up to 45 km on a single charge, it is the perfect solution for people looking to streamline their regular commutes.

The sleek look, strong motor, and sophisticated braking system of the Speedway Mini4 Pro electric scooter are just a few of its amazing characteristics.

It is important to note, however, that a small number of users have complained about minor problems with the Speedway 4, such as sporadic throttle hiccups.

Features of Speedway Mini 4 Pro

  • The Speedway Mini4 Pro is an innovative electric scooter designed specifically for daily commuters, offering a compelling solution for efficient urban transportation.
  • The scooter’s design embodies a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic, showcasing a superior-quality aluminum framework.
  • With a weight capacity of up to 265 lbs, the Mini 4 Pro ensures inclusivity and adaptability for riders of various sizes.
  • Impressive in terms of speed, the scooter can reach a maximum velocity of 28 miles per hour, allowing for swift navigation through urban landscapes.
  • Its substantial range of 25 miles on a single charge guarantees extensive coverage, enabling uninterrupted journeys.
  • The Mini 4 Pro stands out with its remarkably quick charging time, taking only 2-4 hours to fully replenish its energy reserves.
  • Powered by a potent 500W motor, the scooter delivers seamless and efficient acceleration, providing an exhilarating riding experience.
  • The incorporation of front and rear suspension systems ensures exceptional comfort, even when traveling across rough and uneven terrains, resulting in a remarkably smooth ride.
  • Dual brakes equipped on the Mini 4 Pro instill riders with confidence and offer reliable stopping power when necessary, prioritizing safety.
  • Integrated LED lights enhance visibility and augment overall safety, allowing riders to navigate their surroundings with clarity, particularly in low-light conditions.
  • The scooter caters to the needs of modern commuters by featuring a convenient built-in USB charging port, facilitating on-the-go charging of electronic devices.
  • A spacious LCD display on the Mini 4 Pro provides riders with essential information, including current speed and remaining battery life, keeping them well-informed throughout their journey.

Buying Guide for Speedway Mini 4 Pro

This buying guide will provide you with essential information to make an informed decision when purchasing a Speedway Mini4 Pro electric scooter.

  1. Performance and Range: The Speedway 4 features a powerful motor that delivers excellent acceleration and a top speed of up to 28 mph (45 km/h). It has a range of approximately 30 miles (48 km) on a single charge, making it suitable for longer commutes.
  2. Battery and Charging Time: Equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro offers a reliable power source for your rides. It typically takes around 5-6 hours to fully charge the battery from empty.
  3. Suspension and Riding Comfort: The combination of solid rubber tires and suspension helps absorb shocks and vibrations, providing better stability and control.
  4. Safety Features: When choosing an electric scooter, safety is paramount. The Speedway Mini4 Pro comes with dual front and rear disc brakes, offering reliable stopping power. It also features a bright front LED headlight and rear brake light to enhance visibility during low-light conditions. Make sure the safety features align with your requirements and prioritize your safety while riding.
  5. Portability and Folding Mechanism: The Speedway Mini 4 Pro’s folding mechanism allows for quick and easy folding, making it convenient to carry and store. Its compact size and foldable handlebars ensure it can fit in tight spaces, such as car trunks or public transportation. Consider your commuting needs and the importance of portability when evaluating this feature.
  6. Price and Warranty: Compare prices from reputable retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal for the Speedway Mini 4. Additionally, check the warranty provided by the manufacturer to understand the coverage and duration in case of any issues with the scooter.


There are numerous reasons to adore the Speedway 4 electric scooter. Here are some of its prominent advantages that establish it as an outstanding choice for individuals seeking an efficient and fashionable mode of transportation:

  1. Impressive speed and range: The Speedway Mini4 Pro achieves speeds of up to 28 miles per hour, a remarkable feat considering its compact size. Additionally, it offers a range of up to 30 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for longer commutes.
  2. Compact and portable: Designed as a compact scooter, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro can be effortlessly carried and conveniently stored when not in use. This feature is especially advantageous for apartment dwellers or those with limited storage space.
  3. Smooth and comfortable ride: Equipped with a powerful motor and robust suspension system, the Speedway Mini 4 ensures a smooth and comfortable journey, even on uneven or bumpy roads.
  4. Stylish and eye-catching design: The Speedway Mini 4 Pro boasts a sleek and modern design that captures attention wherever it goes. Available in various colors to suit individual preferences, it also incorporates LED lights for enhanced safety and visibility.
  5. User-friendly experience: The Speedway Mini 4 Pro prioritizes ease of use with its intuitive controls and straightforward folding mechanism. This user-friendly design simplifies storage and transportation, making it incredibly convenient.


  • The Speedway Mini 4 Pro is relatively expensive compared to other electric scooters available in the market.
  • Limited Battery Range
  • Brake System Issues

Speedway mini 4 pro problems

Despite its impressive features and positive customer reviews, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric scooter has faced certain challenges. One common concern raised by users is its limited range, as some have reported traveling only up to 15 miles on a single charge, which may not suffice for longer commutes.

Another issue revolves around the scooter’s weight, as certain users find it heavier than expected, making it cumbersome to carry around despite being marketed as portable and lightweight. Additionally, there have been reports of problems with the speed controller and throttle, affecting the overall performance and speed of the scooter.

It is worth mentioning, however, that not all Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric scooters experience these issues, and the company provides a warranty and customer support to address any problems that may arise. If you encounter any difficulties with your Speedway Mini 4 Pro, make sure to contact the manufacturer or retailer for assistance.

With proper care and maintenance, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric scooter can serve as a dependable and efficient mode of transportation for your daily commute.

Parts of Speedway mini4 pro

The Speedway Mini4 Pro electric scooter is an exceptional vehicle, designed for high performance and equipped with an impressive range of parts and components to ensure durability, safety, and rider comfort. Let’s explore the key features that contribute to the excellence of this scooter:

  1. Frame: The Speedway Mini4 Pro boasts a robust aluminum alloy frame capable of supporting riders weighing up to 265 pounds. This feature makes it suitable for individuals of various sizes.
  2. Motor: This scooter is equipped with a potent 500W BLDC motor that delivers exceptional acceleration, enabling it to reach a top speed of up to 28 miles per hour. Additionally, it offers three speed modes, namely Eco, Normal, and Turbo, providing riders with the flexibility to adjust their speed according to preference and riding conditions.
  3. Battery: The Mini4 Pro features a high-capacity 48V 16Ah lithium-ion battery. With a single charge, this battery can power the scooter for an impressive range of up to 45 miles. Recharging the battery to its full capacity typically takes around 6-7 hours.
  4. Tires: This scooter is equipped with 8.5-inch pneumatic tires that offer outstanding shock absorption and stability on various terrains. These tires are engineered to be puncture-resistant and anti-slip, ensuring a safe and smooth ride at all times.
  5. Brakes: The Speedway Mini4 Pro is outfitted with both front and rear disc brakes, delivering reliable stopping power and excellent control. Notably, these brakes are regenerative, meaning that they can recharge the battery whenever the rider applies them.
  6. Suspension: This setup effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable ride, even on uneven or bumpy roads.
  7. Display: The scooter features a bright LED display that conveniently shows crucial information such as speed, battery level, and more.

Speedway 4 Manual

Before riding your Speedway Mini 4 Pro, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the manual. The manual covers important safety information, assembly instructions, and operational tips to ensure you get the most out of your electric scooter.

The Speedway 4 Manual includes a step-by-step guide for assembling your scooter, including installing the handlebar and securing the battery. It also covers key features, such as the LED display and various speed settings.

Following the manual’s guidance will help keep your scooter in top shape and ensure safe riding. By taking the time to read and follow the manual, you’ll enjoy a safe and enjoyable ride every time.


For those looking for a chic and dependable mode of transportation, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric scooter is a great option. It is the perfect choice for daily commutes, running errands, or just taking a leisurely ride thanks to its small size, remarkable speed and range, and sturdy build.

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro delivers an exceptional riding experience that will definitely satisfy even the most demanding riders because to its cutting-edge features and simple operation.

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric scooter ought to be at the top of your list for all your commuting needs, regardless of whether you are an expert scooter enthusiast or a beginner rider.


What makes the Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric scooter stand out compared to the Speedway 4?

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro has a smaller, more compact design, making it easier to maneuver through crowded areas. It also has a higher top speed and longer range than the Speedway 4.

Can the Speedway Mini 4 Pro handle hills?

Yes, the Mini 4 Pro has a powerful motor and can handle inclines of up to 15 degrees.

Is the Speedway Mini 4 Pro suitable for commuting?

Absolutely. The scooter is designed for easy transport and can be folded and carried on public transportation. Its high speed and long range also make it perfect for commuting to work or school.

What is the weight limit for the Speedway Mini 4 Pro?

The maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds.

Is the Speedway Mini 4 Pro waterproof?

The scooter is not fully waterproof, but it is water-resistant and can handle light rain or wet roads.

What kind of maintenance is required for the Speedway Mini 4 Pro?

Regular maintenance includes checking the tire pressure, keeping the scooter clean and dry, and periodically tightening any loose bolts or screws.

Can I upgrade the battery on the Speedway Mini 4 Pro?

Yes, there are aftermarket battery upgrades available for the scooter. However, it is important to note that modifying the scooter in any way may void the warranty.

Does the Speedway Mini 4 Pro come with a warranty?

Yes, the scooter comes with a 12-month limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects and workmanship issues.

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