Macwheel Electric Scooter: An Affordable, Convenient Transportation Option

By | October 25, 2022

If you’re looking to buy an electric scooter, you may have heard of the Macwheel brand and are wondering what makes this particular model so great. And if you haven’t heard of it before, don’t worry—we can tell you everything you need to know in our Macwheel electric scooter review! We’ll discuss the pros and cons of owning one and help you determine whether this scooter would be a good choice for your lifestyle.

By the end, you should know all about this affordable transportation option! Electric scooters, such as the Macwheel electric scooter, are excellent options for commuters who live in urban areas and need to travel up to 10 miles per day.

Electric scooters have been rapidly growing in popularity over the past few years, due to their many benefits over traditional forms of transportation such as cars, bicycles and public transportation.


The Macwheel electric scooter features a six-hour rechargeable battery, making it an ideal ride for getting around town. It also comes equipped with front and rear LED lights and a headlight for nighttime rides. Weighing less than 30 pounds, it is easy to carry onto public transportation.

The Macwheel will go up to 15 miles per hour so you can quickly get where you’re going in style. Whether you choose one of our unique color schemes or decide on black so your Macwheel blends in with others at night, we pride ourselves on offering options to fit your lifestyle.

Both practical and affordable transportation doesn’t get much better than that! Our price point and quick shipping times make purchasing a Macwheel electric scooter from us an excellent decision. You’ll love riding it so much you might even forget how old your car is. And, when you think about how often you use your car—it might be time to trade up anyway!

Battery Life

The Macwheel features a 300-watt motor and 36V battery. The company claims that a full charge will last between 8 and 15 miles. However, they also state that your mileage may vary depending on weight and speed.

If you weigh more than 250 pounds or plan to ride fast downhill, it’s likely that your range will be shorter than advertised; however, if you plan to take long trips at moderate speeds and don’t mind carrying an extra battery or recharging in public places like coffee shops or malls, then a longer range is possible.

Top Speed

The Macwheel can reach speeds of up to 12 mph with a maximum incline of 20 degrees. This means it can go up hills without any trouble, but riders should note that going down steep hills at high speeds isn’t recommended. Like other electric scooters, braking comes from regenerative breaking—which means you get back some of what you put into accelerating.

In addition to being convenient, regenerative braking is also an energy-efficient way to brake your vehicle. It’s also worth noting that like all electric vehicles (EVs), you won’t hear a sound when riding one because there are no combustion engines involved in its operation.

Weight Capacity

The Macwheel electric scooters are designed to carry loads of up to 260 pounds (120 kilograms). While you might be tempted to ride even heavier loads than that, it’s a good idea to keep within limits. The max weight capacity is specified by U.S. law, and breaking these rules could cause problems if you ever need service or replacement parts for your scooter.

It’s also important to bear in mind that going beyond weight capacity means risking safety problems like bent wheels or broken axles. Since your Macwheel is meant for light commuting and running errands around town—not transporting oversized objects—you’re unlikely to have trouble sticking with legal limits. In fact, most users won’t come close.

If you do plan on carrying larger loads frequently, however, consider an e-bike instead. These vehicles can handle much heavier riders without risk of damage.


The MacWheel electric scooter can fit easily in most trunks or backseats of cars. It has a small frame and is lightweight so transportation will not be a problem. This makes it ideal for people with little storage space available in their homes and offices.

Additionally, it also minimizes storage costs since you do not have to rent storage space at a garage or parking lot like you would if you had a car or bike that was too big to store anywhere else but outside. You will simply take your scooter with you whenever you need it instead of having to keep track of another moving object in your life.

Power Source: The MacWheel electric scooter runs on an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries. These batteries are charged via an AC adapter that plugs into any standard wall outlet. With a full charge, you should get around 20 miles out of each battery before needing to recharge them again.

If you live within walking distance of where you work or school, then just plug your MacWheel into its charger when you get home from work and it will be ready to go again by morning without costing any gas money!


MacWheel electric scooters come with a one-year limited warranty. In other words, if anything goes wrong with your scooter during that year due to a factory defect or manufacturer’s failure to provide parts and/or service (if needed), MacWheel USA will replace it.

Most defects are covered under warranty as long as they occur within that first year. So if your battery stops working after 50 rides (although it probably won’t), you can rest assured you won’t have to pay for a new one. If something breaks in year two, however, you’re on your own. But by then you should be able to afford a new bike anyway.


Macwheel electric scooters are incredibly affordable and extremely convenient. Whether you use it to commute from home to work or around campus on a daily basis or use it just for fun every weekend, you will find that Macwheel electric scooters are worth their price and more. And as an added bonus, most dealers offer free tune-ups and repairs for life!

If you’re interested in purchasing a MacWheel electric scooter of your own, be sure to check out our dealer locator where you can find your closest dealer; don’t hesitate to visit them for a test drive today!


How long does a Macwheel battery last?

Macwheel electric scooters use LiFePO4 batteries. These batteries can be recharged roughly 2,000 times before they stop holding a full charge.

How much is a Macwheel?

Macwheels come in a wide range of sizes and price points, but even the most expensive Macwheels are affordable when you compare them to other forms of transportation.

How do you charge a Macwheel electric scooter?

The Macwheel scooters are charged through a plug that plugs into an outlet. To charge your Macwheel electric scooter all you have to do is plug it in overnight.

Which brand is best for electric scooter?

While there are several brands of electric scooters on today’s market, one of them stands head and shoulders above the rest. Macwheel has been making high-quality scooters for over a decade and is considered by many to be the best brand.

Where to buy a macwheel scooter?

You can buy macwheels on Amazon.

How much does the macwheel mX Pro weigh?

The mX Pro weighs in at just over 50 pounds. This weight makes it easy to carry around with you, as well as load into your car or truck.

Where to buy an electric scooter in the US?

If you’re thinking of getting an electric scooter for your next trip to campus or around town, consider purchasing a Macwheel.

What is an electric kick scooter?

The MacWheel electric kick scooter is an affordable and convenient way to travel. If you want to get around without having to drive or take public transportation, an electric kick scooter may be a great solution for you.


The Macwheel electric scooter is an incredible piece of technology that allows you to reach your destination in a fraction of the time it would take by car. It also reduces your carbon footprint while helping you get in shape—two things that sound pretty great together.

Whether or not Macwheel takes off as a popular brand remains to be seen; but what we do know is that it’s already poised to have a positive impact on our society. If you’re looking for cheap transportation alternatives and want to help reduce carbon emissions, then consider taking a spin on one of these nifty little devices. They’ll change your life—and save you some gas money at bargain prices!

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