How to Bypass Your Scooter’s Ignition with 5 Wires

By | November 25, 2022

Taking your scooter with you on vacation? Worried about it being stolen while you’re away? Don’t bother locking it up; just bypass its ignition, and anybody who tries to start the engine will be out of luck. This how-to guide will show you how to bypass your scooter’s ignition with five wires and will only take you 15 minutes from start to finish! No matter what kind of scooter you have, all you need are these easy-to-follow instructions and some common household supplies, like wire snips and electrical tape.

Scooters usually run on gasoline, which means they require an ignition system in order to start the engine and run properly. There are certain instances where you might want to bypass the ignition on your scooter, such as if you need to replace it and don’t have time to get a new key made. This method will allow you to bypass the ignition system on your scooter with 5 wires and no key.

The Tools You’ll Need

Tools You’ll Need:

-5 wire ignition switch diagram, which will show you which wires connect to what part of the ignition system.

-Wire cutters or a wire stripper.

-Insulated copper wire (often used in electrical wiring). The color doesn’t matter.

-Wire connectors. These can be purchased at an auto parts store like Autozone or wherever you purchase your scooter parts.

-A Phillips head screwdriver or other small flathead screwdriver, for crimping the wire connectors onto the new wires.

The tools you’ll need are fairly simple and inexpensive and all should be able to easily find them online or at an automotive store. If they aren’t available locally then order them online so they will arrive on time and without hassle.

Step One: Prepare the Wires

To get started, disconnect the negative battery terminal. Then, cut the three wires that go into the switch. Strip the wires and then put them back together in a way that will allow you to bypass the switch like so:
Ignition Switch Wires (5 wire diagram)

1) Wire one goes straight across from wire four and connects to wire two.

2) Wire two goes straight across from wire one and connects to wire three.

3) Wire three goes straight across from wire five and connects to wire four.

4) Wire four is left alone.

5) Wire five is left alone.

6) Connect all of these wires together with electrical tape or a connector of your choice so they don’t come undone easily when you start riding around on your scooter again!

Step Two: Connect the Wires

Connect the wires from the battery (positive) to the ignition switch. Connect the wires from the battery (negative) to any metal piece on your scooter frame. Make sure you have a good connection and that it is snug so you don’t get an arc.

Connect one wire from the key cylinder, also known as the skeleton key, that goes into your ignition switch. Connect this wire either directly or through a toggle switch in between the positive and negative terminals of your battery.

This is where you need to be careful because you want this wire to connect when you turn on your key, but not while it is just sitting there without power running through it. Connecting these wires can be tricky. The diagram below shows how a five wire ignition switch will look like after all connections are made:

Look closely at the bottom left hand corner of the diagram above. It says Switch Position followed by OFF. Next to this it says ON. When connected correctly, turning on your key will cause both OFF and ON positions for the Switch Position line to show power going through them instead of just OFF like before when you first turned on your key. Now we’re ready for step three!

Step Three: Test the Connection

Plug in the wires and test the connection by turning on your scooter. If it starts, congratulations! You have successfully bypassed the ignition switch. If it doesn’t start, troubleshoot the connections and make sure all of the wires are plugged in correctly. If you still can’t get it to work, maybe you need a new wire or a new fuse.


What color are the ignition switch wires?

The most common wire colors are black, brown, blue, green and red.

How to hotwire a 5 wire ignition on a scooter?

The easiest way is probably just to use a set of pliers and cut the wire, but if you want something cleaner than that, here are the steps:

1) Take your scoot apart.

2) Locate the ignition switch.

3) Cut one of the wires coming out of it about an inch from the connector.

4) Strip off about an inch of insulation from both ends of each wire on either side of your cut.


Whether you’re in need of a scooter for work or play, it will be important to know how to bypass your ignition in the event that your battery dies. The best way is using a 5 wire ignition switch diagram and some tools that are readily available. All you have to do is take out the old parts and put in new ones! You’ll then have a working scooter again!

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