What is an Asian Fit Helmet?

By | April 3, 2023

Are you looking for a helmet that fits your head shape better? If so, then you may be interested in learning more about Asian Fit Helmets. With an Asian Fit Ski Helmet, you can expect a snug, secure fit that won’t cause any discomfort or pressure points.

Asian Fit Helmet

Read on to learn more about how Asia Fit Helmets work and why they might be the perfect choice for you.

What is an Asian fit helmet

An Asian fit helmet is a specially designed helmet for people with smaller heads and faces. It typically has more coverage in the back and sides than a regular helmet, with added features like a chin guard, adjustable straps and an adjustable visor. As helmets are specifically designed to accommodate narrower faces, they provide a better fit and feel than traditional helmets.

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The construction materials are also often of higher quality than regular helmets, making them even more comfortable to wear. Asian-fit ski helmets are also available, providing the same level of coverage and comfort on the slopes.

The Difference Between Regular and Asian Fit Helmets

Asian Fit Helmets vs regular helmet

Asian Fit helmets have deeper internal padding and extended visors that provide extra coverage for the forehead, temples, and cheeks. The extended visor allows the wearer to look straight ahead without their vision being blocked by the brim of the helmet. The deep padding also allows the helmet to fit snugly around the sides and back of the head, giving additional protection.

Asian Fit Helmet

Asian helmets often feature adjustable chin straps that allow the wearer to customize the fit even further. In addition, some helmets are designed with a low-profile construction to reduce bulk and increase comfort.

When it comes to safety, there is no difference between a regular helmet and an Asia Fit helmet. Both styles provide the same level of protection in the event of a crash or fall. However, it is important to make sure that the helmet fits correctly and comfortably to ensure maximum protection.


– An Asian helmet is designed with a slimmer profile and narrower shape for those with a smaller head size.

– The vents on an Asia fit helmet are positioned to provide better airflow around the cheeks, nose, and brow.

– These helmets also feature an ergonomic chin strap that is designed to fit the shape of an Asian face more comfortably.

– An Asian fit ski helmet has a lower profile than traditional ski helmets, allowing for better vision and improved aerodynamics.

– Additionally, these helmets feature ear pads that are designed to fit snugly around the ears.

Pros & Cons


  • An Asian fit helmet offers a better, more secure fit for those with smaller head shapes.
  • The helmet provides improved ventilation to keep the head cool and comfortable in warm weather.
  • Asian fit helmets are designed to allow for larger eyewear frames for those who need it.
  • They help to reduce wind noise and fatigue from long rides by providing a snug fit.
  • excellent choice for cyclists


  • May not provide the same level of coverage as a regular helmet.
  • Asian Fit helmet can be less comfortable than a regular helmet due to the snugger fit.
  • Can be more expensive.

How to Measure If You Need an Asian Fit Helmet

If you’re looking for a helmet that fits properly and comfortably, you may have heard of Asian fit helmets. This type of helmet is ideal for those with smaller heads and more rounder faces.

In order to determine if you need an Asian fit ski helmet, you can measure the circumference of your head. To do this, use a flexible measuring tape and measure around your head just above your eyebrows and ears.

You’ll want to compare your measurement to the size chart provided by the manufacturer of the helmet. If you fall within the size range of an Asian helmet, then this type of helmet will provide a much more comfortable and secure fit.

If you’re unsure whether an Asian helmet is right for you, it’s best to try on a few different models before making a final decision.

The Best Asian Fit Helmets on the Market

The K2 FIT X LUV Ski Helmet offers a great fit for those with an Asian face shape. It is engineered with a custom EZ Fit System that allows you to customize the fit of the helmet in just seconds. It is also equipped with adjustable vents and a padded chin strap for maximum comfort. The K2 FIT X LUV Ski Helmet retails for around $80.

The Giro Seam Helmet is a lightweight, ultra-comfortable option for those looking for an Asian helmet. This helmet utilizes an In-Mold construction technology to keep it light, yet strong. It also has a soft interior padding for extra comfort, and an adjustable fit system that allows you to customize the fit of the helmet easily. The Giro Seam Helmet retails for around $50.

The Smith Maze Helmet is another great Asian helmet. This model features a Low-Profile design that sits close to your head, giving it a comfortable and secure fit. It is also equipped with MIPS technology that helps reduce impact forces on your head in the event of a crash. The Smith Maze Helmet retails for around $80.

Ultimately, there are plenty of options available when it comes to helmets. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, ultra-comfortable model or something with advanced protection technology, there’s sure to be an option out there to suit your needs.

Asian fit helmet MIPS

MIPS is an inner layer that slides upon impact and helps to disperse energy away from the head, providing an extra layer of protection. Additionally, many Asian helmets have higher rear coverage and a lower profile, allowing for better head coverage while still being comfortable.

Ledge MIPS

The Ledge mips Asian fit helmet features the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology, providing increased protection against rotational forces in the event of a crash. It also offers more ventilation and comfort thanks to its specially designed front vent system. This helmet also comes with a removable visor, giving you added protection from the sun.


It features MIPS technology, a low-profile design and a secure fit, making it an excellent choice for those who need a helmet that provides a secure and comfortable fit. The helmet also has a wide range of vents for increased airflow, a moisture-wicking sweatband, and adjustable straps for a customized fit.


The VUE mips Asian fit helmet is an innovative product that combines style and safety. It features a sleek design that is lightweight and comfortable, while also providing superior protection. The innovative MIPS technology in the VUE mips Asian helmet reduces rotational forces on the head, ensuring better overall protection for those who wear it.

Avera MIPS

The Avera mips Asian fit helmet is an excellent choice for those looking for a more comfortable fit. It features a sleek design and has a multi-dimensional interior padding system that offers superior comfort and safety. The Avera also comes with MIPS technology, which helps to reduce rotational forces in the event of an accident. The Avera also has a strong chin strap, adjustable straps and an adjustable visor for a personalized fit.

Smith maze MIPS

The Smith Maze Mips Asian fit helmet is a high-performance cycling helmet designed specifically for riders with rounder heads. Featuring a patented internal harness that allows for a more comfortable, secure fit, this helmet provides superior protection for those with an Asian fit. With a sleek and lightweight design, the Maze Mips Asian fit helmet also features adjustable vents for enhanced breathability, and MIPS technology for increased safety.


Who can benefit from using an Asian Fit Helmet?

Anyone with a wider and flatter face, regardless of their ethnicity, can benefit from using an Asian Fit Helmet. It can provide a better fit, more comfort, and greater protection during impact.

Can I use an Asian Fit Helmet even if I am not of Asian descent?

Yes, you can use an Asian Helmet even if you are not of Asian descent.

How do I know if I need an Asian Fit Helmet?

If you have a wider and flatter face, you may benefit from using an Asian Fit Helmet. You can try on different helmets to see which one provides the best fit and comfort.

Are there different sizes available for Asian Helmets?

Yes, Asian Fit Helmets come in different sizes to accommodate different head sizes and shapes. It is important to choose the right size to ensure a proper fit and maximum protection.

Can I customize my Asian Fit Helmet?

Yes, some Helmets may come with customization options, such as different colors, designs, or features.

Are Asian Helmets approved by safety standards?

They undergo the same rigorous testing and certification processes to ensure they meet or exceed safety requirements.

Where can I buy an Asian Fit Helmet?

You can buy an Asian Helmet at most sporting goods stores, bike shops, or online retailers that specialize in helmets. It is important to choose a reputable seller and make sure the helmet meets safety standards.


The Asian Fit Helmet is a great choice for those who have a more narrow head shape. It offers better protection, better ventilation and more comfort than a regular helmet. While the difference between regular and Asia Fit Helmets may be subtle, it can make all the difference in terms of your overall safety and comfort. The important thing to remember is that if you do have a more narrow head shape, then an Helmet is definitely worth considering.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to find the perfect helmet that meets your needs, whether you choose one of the best Asian Helmets on the market or another style altogether.

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